Full-Body waxing is the most common procedure of hair removal that may be used with several tools. Soft Wax is a terrific feel when applied onto sensitive skin; especially, perfect for eyebrows and bikini area. We use Depileve Natural Pine Rosin wax for whole body.

Hard Wax is a type of wax that does not use strips. This type of wax hardens when applied to the skin. Once it hardens, it is pulled from the tip of the hardened wax against hair growth. We now offer Hard Wax for Brazilian/bikini, buttocks, nostrils and ear waxing. We clean the area with cream wax, after the hard wax procedure.

Bikini Waxing Variations:

Bikini waxing can be categorized in three ways: American (or standard) bikini wax, French bikini wax, and Brazilian bikini wax. The waxing method used depends on the clients’ preference and the extent of hair to be removed. Blood spots are normal when waxing the bikini area.

Menstruation: During a women’s period the pain threshold is at its lowest, immediately before and during period. Hormones which stimulate the regrowth of hair, which are most active during this time. Provided that you are happy to be waxed during your period, we are happy to wax you, as long as you are aware of the pain that may slightly be higher than other times.

American Bikini: is the removal of hair outside the normal bikini line.
(Additional charge for buttocks $10)

French Bikini: waxing leaves only a small patch of hair on the front pubis area, everything else is removed. (Additional charge for buttocks $10)

Brazilian Waxing is when all of the hair on the genital area is removed, both and front.

(All prices subject to change/ and to receive maintenance prices you must be on a regular schedule with our staff members)

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